Business case & feasibility study for the replacement of pan European systems
Development of a system to predict the business impact from failure in European systems and infrastructure
Business analysis & project management of an interface development linking ORACLE Financials®, Primavera P3e® and a new timesheet system
Analysis & recommendation for a European SAP Implementation
Development of a workflow application to manage the creation of web content.
Analysis, project management & development of 3-tier web applications
Infrastructure design & systems implementation for regional offices (UK & globally)
.. and many more

Preparing for the implementation of SAP R/3 in 15 European subsidiaries, the client required a study recommending whether or not to replace local leasing systems with a single European system as well.

HOLGER Ltd prepared a business case covering the following main areas:

  • functional and technical requirements gathering
  • gap analysis
  • outline of technical architecture
  • costing and depreciation calculations
  • presentation to senior management

MS SQL Server 7, MS Internet Information Server, Citrix WinFrame, VB6.

250 users, 1/2 million records, interface to SAP R/3

With a multitude of business critical applications located in and shared between several European locations, this client needed the ability to quickly assess which offices and business functions across Europe would be affected by an infrastructure fault or a planned outage.

Should a server need rebooting in France or a switch need replacement in Germany, would that have an impact on operations in Scotland?

HOLGER Ltd developed a system that held data regarding:

  • inventory of all infrastructure parts (in excess of 2000 items)
  • inventory of systems (Unix, mainframe, etc.)
  • business functions and their system dependencies (in excess of 200)
  • office locations and business contacts (in excess of 40)
  • routing architecture

The application enabled the support centres to immediately identify which of the company's or their business partners' European business functions were affected and so minimise the business impact from any given infrastructure outage.

MS SQL server 7, MS Internet Information Server, MS Access, VB6.

Interfaces to HP OpenView, MS Outlook.

Supporting an aggressive plan for establishing a new business presence in the UK, this client had implemented 3 core systems: ORACLE Financials, Primavera Project Planning Enterprise and a bespoke timesheet system.

HOLGER Ltd provided the business analysis and project management know-how required to integrate the 3 systems in order to optimize the flow of data and significantly shorten the project reporting cycle. These services included:

  • functional & technical requirements specification
  • gap analysis
  • high level documentation of technical architecture in co-operation with internal and external consultants
  • project management of 3 external vendors and internal business functions

Keeping a system environment with more than 15 business critical systems up-to-date, integrated and aligned was the main reason to investigate into a simpler option, - such as implementing one ERP system

HOLGER Ltd assisted this client in the analysis phase once SAP was identified as a prime candidate. The analysis included:

  • creating an inventory of existing systems
  • outlining main business processes
  • GAP analysis
  • presentation of recommendations

Getting the right content on a website at the right time is of paramount importance for a global web retailer.

This client required a database system to manage hundreds of external copy writers, editors, proofreaders and translators producing tens of thousands of product reviews for the site.

HOLGER Ltd provided the business analysis and development skills required to develop an integrated database system supporting the entire process managing HTML content:

  • content requirement planning
  • purchase order requisition - authorization and generation
  • integrated emailing of content request to contractors
  • automatic routing of received content through proofreading and copy-editing to upload
  • self-billing and reporting according to French legislation
  • interfaces to finance, website and email system

MS Access (upgraded to MS SQL 7 back-end), VB6, CDO. 

Interfaces to ORACLE FINANCIALS, email & fax (MS Outlook).

10 users, tens of thousands of records.

This global player required an intranet-based self-service order and booking system for its employees to request products, services and travel.

HOLGER Ltd supplied :

  • Project management of a web design & development team
  • Business analysis support
  • Design concept
  • Web design
  • development on all tiers

Oracle back-end,MS SQL 7, Internet Information Server (IIS), Active Server Pages (ASP), WebClasses, XML, DHTML, Java Script, VB Script, VB, CDO, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, web-services

Two clients - one international and one domestic - both required data communication and systems to be implemented in more than 10 regional offices in the UK as well as in East and Western Europe.

HOLGER Ltd supplied :

  • Requirements gathering
  • Infrastructure design, systems specification and costing
  • Sourcing of and negotiation with vendors (SW and HW systems, telecommmunication, etc.)
  • Project management during installation and implementation

Lotus Notes/Domino Servers, MS Exchange, NT Server 4, Internet Information Server (IIS), Opera Accounting Systems, SCALA Accounting Systems